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You are pregnant. And, you probably want everything in the store for your son or daughter to come. But in reality, there are certain garments that you do need and others that you don't. Therefore, at www.gogogobaby.com, a store to buy baby and kids clothing online, we will tell you what clothes a baby needs . Read on and take note of these basic wardrobe tips for newborns, you can write down and have a list before you go shopping.

What clothes a baby needs: 7 basic clothes

Many moms expect to know the gender of the baby to go shopping for everything they like. And not only them but dads, aunts, grandparents, friends ... But, in the end you could have much more clothes than you really need.

The first weeks of a baby's life will not require haute couture clothing and you will not be able to wear it with very striking pieces. So spending too much money on the first wardrobe is not necessary. You can save on this and invest it in things that will serve in the long term.

Of course, you do need basic items, essential newborn clothes that we will detail below. They are what you need for the first 30 days at least.

Baby onesies or bodysuits: Between 6 and 8

2-piece infant set newborn baby clothes

These are t-shirts with buttons or snap buttons between the legs, they are also known as onesies. They can be short or long sleeve. They are the basis of any clothing for newborns, they must be 100% cotton. The adjustment style gives comfort and simplicity to both the mother and the child, allows them not to get out of the pants and not wrap the shirt.

The neck is generally wide and adjustable, some also have a clasp, which makes it easy to put them from top to bottom. We say that you need between 6 and 8 because every day you will use at least two, they could be stained with “leaks” of the diaper, drool or milk.

If the baby is born in the summer months with this and pants will be enough for day to day. Instead, in winter it will be the inner layer for other clothes.

Booties or socks

You can have 3 or 4 booties or booties with brooches or soft ties, so that they do not fall with the movement or they themselves take them off. This will serve as an extra layer to protect the feet in the colder months. They will not need shoes as such, but these will help prevent cold in their limbs.

Instead, choose to buy at least 5 socks to keep your feet warm. Purchase of newborn so that they are tight, neither too loose nor tight. If the baby is born in winter, add 3 more hunter socks .

Pajamas, rompers or overalls: 3 or 4 newborn clothes
They are a full-body model, covering arms and legs, some even to the feet. There are options to go out and others only to sleep that are pajamas for newborn babies , they are basic, they must be safe, light and warm.

In summer it is preferable to use models of fine cotton fabric. And always opt for those that open from below, so when you have to change the diaper at night you will not have to undress it completely.

Beanies: 3 or 4

The newborn baby clothes include hats, are warm and will protect them both day and night the first days. They are basic because the little ones lose a lot of heat from the head, at least the first week their use is recommended.

Kimono type jackets or tops: 4 or 5

Among the baby's clothes you can include a kimono style top, it is ideal for your comfort and movement. It is a way to wrap the body and protect it from the cold, the buttons will not be on your belly but on one side, so your belly button will be protected.

If you do not like this model you can include jackets to use when leaving, take into account that perhaps in summer you do not need them.

Cocoliso: 3 or 4

This is a very traditional newborn baby clothes , it is ideal for use during the first weeks. It is long and open sleeve, has a tape that closes the garment as if it were a sack. When complete, the baby will be warm.

Serve the first few weeks since the baby does not move so much. It covers the body from the neck to the toes. There are some who even have a fold in the sleeve that turns and serves to cover their hands and thus prevent scratching with their own nails.

Pants: 2

You can have two girl or boy pants with feet to match the bodysuits. It is recommended that they also be made of cotton.

Basic accessories for newborn wardrobe

As we just mentioned, babies can scratch their nails. To protect them you can use mittens if it is cold or if you keep it in air conditioning.

Bibs will also be necessary, you put them on when they go to eat, and so if they get dirty you will not have to change all their clothes.

It is recommended that you have at least 3 blankets, made of wool or cotton. You will need them in the stroller, in the car seat or in the crib. Always have one at home, one in the car and one in the bag.

Two sets of towels, preferably those with hood.

You can also add special clothes for photo shoots, events or family parties. For boys, a shirt with a bow tie is ideal, for girls dressed in leg warmers. And you can buy themed bibs.

If as a mom you are interested in fashion, this winter do not stop buying mou boots , they are ideal to protect your feet and very comfortable.

More of the basic wardrobe for newborn

Always prefer fabrics that allow breathing, such as cotton. Wool is a good option for cold climates. Make sure that the clothes have a good finish, that there are no loose threads or labels that can hurt the skin of the newborn or irritate it.

Look for baby clothes with snaps that close easily. Avoid closures because they can prick, especially if you're dressing the little one in a hurry. Prefer simple plastic brooches. If you are going to put on clothes with buttons, pull them before to check that they are well cooked, and that they do not feel loose, because if they could not be released and reach the baby's mouth or nose.

Remember to pre-wash your clothes before putting them on, so you will avoid any rash or irritation. Babies are very sensitive to any product on clothing, so it is best to wash it before use.

In general, it is recommended that you use a detergent that is not so strong, odorless, that you can use for the whole family's clothes. And, prefer not to use fabric softener newborn winter clothes.

Winter clothes for baby

If the baby will be born in winter you will need to add layers to the newborn clothes that we already mentioned. Like a coat or jacket to keep it extra warm, as well as more socks or booties.

It will be necessary that you have at least two sweatshirts to use as a second layer at the time of leaving. And you need to buy at least 4 pants of wool or thick cotton to cover your legs well.

The base layers are the bubbler or the full pieces, of cotton or wool and the socks. The second would be pants and sweatshirts for boys and girls, and the outer jacket, gloves and booties. Do not forget the hat.

When dressing the baby with layers, moms often make the mistake of overloading them. Dress them with the same number of layers you use and then add a light blanket. If you keep it very hot it will be uncomfortable, it can even become dehydrated.

Summer clothes for baby

On the other hand, if you wait for your baby for the summer, you should take sun protection very seriously. You will not be able to add sunscreen lotion, so you should protect it with the shadows. The clothes should be light so that it does not get hot, with light cotton clothes and blankets of the same white cloth.

You should always have your skin covered in summer, to cover it from the sun have a wide hat.

The number of garments we recommend is based on the idea that you will have easy access to a washing machine, because you must use it more than once a week. Babies really dirty clothes. But, if you want to wash only once a week you can multiply these numbers by two or if you want to do it every day you can cut them in half. Everything will depend on your tastes and time.

The idea is that you find a midpoint at the time of purchase, because babies grow very fast and clothes will not serve them in a short time. The size of the newborn will last a short time, so it is best to invest more in clothes from 0 to 3 months and larger.

Just as you can have a wardrobe capsule it is also a good option to simplify the clothes of the little ones. Avoid buying too much because they will lose it too fast.

By knowing what clothes a baby needs and what is the basic wardrobe for newborns you can buy only what is necessary and not spend others. The garments will have to be replaced over time, as the little one grows. What pieces do babies use most? Which do you think are absolutely basic? Tell us.

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